Our Vision is to contribute to a better and safer treatment of patients with injectables in a hospital environment.

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Why pre-filled syringes?

"Medication errors are amongst the most frequent unintended events that endanger critically ill patients"

Wheeler & Wheeler. Anaesthesia (2005) 60: 257-73

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The CCURE® Technology

A novel and unique syringe developed by CCURE® complying with the strict demands of the European Pharmacopoeia and the ISO standards for functionality of syringes - thus, making it suitable for long-term storage of pharmaceutical injection products.

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The Story Behind the CCURE® Syringe

At the time when the project was initiated, the lack of a high-quality plastic syringe at an affordable price suitable for long-term storage of medicinal products led to the development of the CCURE® syringe techonology.

The challenge was to obtain a syringe that could be autoclaved with excellent functionality without the risk of releasing solubles or leachables to the injection solution.

The result is the syringe of today's needs: The CCURE® Syringe.